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A Birds Eye View of Pippenhall Allotments

One of our plotholders, Frederik Botha, has recently taken some video footage of the allotments using a drone, please see below for a download link. We hope to repeat this exercise through the seasons to show the changing landscape.

Pippenhall allotments April 2022
Pippenhall VIDEO-2022-04-09-16-38-42.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [13.2 MB]

Allotment availability at Pippenhall


Update August 2023- there is a waiting list of over 50 people for plots at Pippenhall. The council will contact those at the top of the waiting list when a plot becomes vacant. Most vacancies occur each year during April and May when tenants decide to give their plot up rather than pay the rent.


Please note that the council have currently closed the list at Pippenhall to new applicants due to the number who are already waiting for a plot.


More information is available from the Council's Parks and Open Spaces department on 020 8921 6885 or see the RBG website.


You can apply for an allotment with the Royal Borough of Greenwich online by clicking here but you have to be a resident of the borough to do so.


The society are unable to assist with enquiries about allotment availability as only the council have up to date information on waiting lists

Mains Water Supply at Pippenhall Allotments turned off from 26th November 2023 for the winter

Site representative

The site representative is Pat Middleton who can be contacted via the contact form on this website. Alternatively for existing tenants Pat's mobile number can be found on the noticeboard outside the shop at Pippenhall.

Allotment Inspection by the council 2018

Following the site inspection by the council on April 18 2018 a number of issues were raised.

Numbering of plots
All plots should show their plot number including A or B where applicable. Some plots still have the original marker stones on the edge of the plot but some of these are no longer visible either because grass has grown over them and not cleared away or they are just missing. Please make sure your plot is numbered.

There have been several reports by several plot holders of dogs off of leads and running around the site. Just a reminder that all dogs should be on a lead at all times and on their owners plot.

Grass borders
It is the responsibility of plot holders to maintain and cut the paths between and around their plots. There have been accidents over the years where paths have become overgrown and not maintained making it extremely difficult to walk safely.
Please refer to your tenancy agreement regarding these points.


Follow up inspection

This is due to take place shortly to make sure that plots are being worked.


Wheelbarrow use

The Green wheelbarrows purchased by Eltham and Avery Hill Garden Society are for plot holders to use who have a key to the storage shed. They must be returned immediately after use and not kept on your plot. If you wish to use a wheelbarrow and don't have a key to the storage shed you can purchase one for £3 from the shop when it is open on a Sunday morning. Keys can only be signed for by the named plot holder.


Equipment at Pippenhall


The society voted at their May 2016 committee meeting to purchase another two heavy duty wheelbarrows for use at Pippenhall allotments. They are now in use.

Please make sure that all wheelbarrows are returned to the storage cupboard after use. They are not to be left outside or on plots overnight. Thank you for your co-operation.


Motor Mower, Strimmer and Rotavator

Unfortunately these are no longer available for hire due to breakdown and lack of availability of spare parts. Should this situation change we will post a further notice here.

Pippenhall site inspection- May 27th 2016


Following a site inspection by the council and representatives of the society the following issues need to be communicated to plotholders:

  • all plots must be numbered as per your tenancy agreement. Please can you make sure your plot has it's number clearly visible from the main pathway adjacent to it.
  • Grass paths between plots need to be kept in good order by the tenants of the plots on either side
  • Hosepipes and other equipment must not be left lying on paths or other common areas
  • Tenants who have failed to keep their plot cultivated in a reasonable condition will be issued with a formal  'Notice to Remedy' to get their plot in good order, within a reasonable period of time. A further site inspection will then take place to see that this has happened and if not tenants will be issued with a notice to quit by the council.
  • The council do not expect plots to be weedless but they do expect the plots to be worked and for crops to be grown other than weeds. If you are not able to temporarily look after your plot due to illness, bereavement, etc, please make sure you let the council know and they will take this into account when conducting future site inspections.

Reminder about maintenance of grass paths between plots

Please remember that as per the terms of the tenancy agreement it is your responsibility to maintain (mow) the grass paths between plots and not to block or partially block them.

In May 2013 one tenant suffered a serious ligament injury as a result of tripping on a heavily overgrown path and had to attend the local emergency department for treatment. Subsequently he had to give up his plot as he was no longer able to work it.

Main Gate at Pippenhall

January 27th 2023 -There is an intermittent issue with the lock on the gate and it has been reported to the council for action. 


Please can all plotholders make sure that the gate is shut when entering and leaving the site. Please double check it is locked before you leave. 

Allotment shop 2024 season

The allotment shop at Pippenhall is open for the 2024 season on February 4th

Growing Potatoes in bags

One of our members has experimented with growing potatoes in bags over the last two years. Read about his experience and advice to other container growers here

Pippenhall Allotment blog

One of the tenants at Pippenhall has recently started a Pippenhall allotment blog. Have a look for yourself and register if you would like to contribute to this community. Click here to visit the blog

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