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Calabrese Growing Trial 2018

One of our members who is particularly adept at growing prize winning vegetables has experiemented this year with changes to the growing media for some calabrese 'Marathon' seedlings with interesting results:


Here at Glenlea



I''ve borrowed the title from Monty Don! Have you noticed how he loves saying " Here at Long Meadow!"


Reent ga s main replacement n Glenlea Road has shown tht we are on pure sand with the resul t that any wter goes straight through. This coupled with a south facing garden is a lethal combination ! The eastern border of the garden I call "Death Row!" To combat this I use raised bed and container growing. In the same vein I sow all seeds in nodules or pots and not directly into beds. This Ifeel gives them a better start.


Pat and David (Pippenall Allotment  Shop) mentioned a few weeks ago that they had in stock some new seaweed pellets so I thought I would do a trial. I had eight Calabrese "Mara thon" plants ready for potting on which I did using Rosedale Multipurpose compost  (from the shop). To three I added the seaweed pellets, to another three I added chicken pellets and the last two were just in the Rosedale multipurpose compost.


So far there doesn't seem to be any difference between the three that had the seaweed pellets added and the three that had the chicken pellets added .The big difference is that the two that didn't have anything added got badly attacked by aphids and had to be sprayed with Provado bug killer. The six that had the pellets added (three w ith chicken pellets and three with seaweed pellets) were completely untouched .This would indicate that their immune system was stronger.


All eight have now been planted in the raised beds and I will see how they grow. The two that were attacked by the aphids have recovered but they are way behind the other six!

Allotment shop 2022 season

The allotment shop at Pippenhall is now open for the 2022 growing season every Sunday between 10am to midday.

Site Security

Please could all tenants make sure the gate is always shut fully after entering or exiting the site and not to let anyone on site who does not have a key for the gate. There have been a number of instances of theft and sheds being broken into in recent weeks and we would ask tenants to report any suspicious activity to both the police and Greenwich council parks and open spaces department.

Growing Potatoes in bags

One of our members has experimented with growing potatoes in bags over the last two years. Read about his experience and advice to other container growers here

Pippenhall Allotment blog

One of the tenants at Pippenhall has recently started a Pippenhall allotment blog. Have a look for yourself and register if you would like to contribute to this community. Click here to visit the blog

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